Simplistic Sundays.

I am currently nestled in my bed, surrounded by big piles of clothes and the like (on the list for today: clean room/wash dishes/sweep/breathe). It feels as if I’m on my own little island. Oh well…at least it’s cozy.

I know what you’re thinking. Today’s supposed to be the day that I write about my stinky friend. I know, I know. Get on it, Elisa!

But it was a really crazy weekend. Plus, that blog post is going to take a lot of research and thought. And I kind of want to keep this one simple (and thoughtless). Which is why I now deem Sundays on the blog ‘Simplistic Sundays’. Sounds nice.

Here’s a low down on the weekend. You ready? I’m telling you, it was crazy.

So once upon a time, it was Friday afternoon (I know…why can’t it be ALWAYS upon a time? Life would make more sense that way). Which meant it was the official start of my weekend. Lara came over and we baked a cake.

Lara and I are GREAT bakers. We taste test and everything. Gotta make sure the batters some kind of good before you bake it, right? Right.

Well don’t you worry. This one? It. was. divine.

While the cake was baking, we decided to grab some ‘real’ food (‘real’ food is defined as anything that has less than one cup of sugar in it), and made some darn good burritos. We had the first back porch dinner of many that will happen this summer, I’m sure!

Burritos for days! (Lara took this!)

And then, when the burritos had disappeared, that waft of chocolate cake started to fill our noses.

If you ever want your kitchen/house/neighborhood to smell straight up like heaven, bake a chocolate cake. Solution to all problems.

Cake: finished. Time for a party. I headed over to Vicki’s for her birthday party/game night (which my roommate actually wrote about right here!). Below is the cake in action (thanks for the candle, Joe!)

Happy Birthday, Vicki!!!!!

So that was Friday. Or at least part of it.

Saturday, I woke early to hop on my yoga mat, where I cried my eyes out (but that story is for a different day). And then, I headed over to my brothers last soccer game of the season.

I have to admit, sometimes I can be a really bad sister. This is the first soccer game that I was able to make it to. It’s even harder to keep up with my family these days now that I’m moved out.

But I made it.

And…I watched my brother score his first goal of the season.

I felt so proud.

Brother bears soccer game. They look pretty legit, ya?

Then I headed back to the studio to teach a ridiculously hilarious kids yoga class, where we had dance circles and literally made the sun come out from behind the clouds (okay, maybe not literally but it sure did seem like the timing was a little coincidental to our sun salutes!)

Then I came home and got ready for the Avett Brothers concert (taking a poll here: do you think it’s pronounced ‘Ay-vett’ or ‘Uh-vett’…?), a continuation of Vicki’s birthday week! It was neat to see Bison open on the main stage. They are such amazing [local] people and it’s been neat to watch them blow the world’s mind with their tunes.

Bison on stage.

We sang, we jammed out, we danced.

Then it was time for a late night run to the diner.

I know, I know. AGAIN, Elisa? Again with the diner?

You betcha. Except this time, I didn’t get a pancake that was the size of my face (probably bigger, actually). Casey & Vicki did, while I devoured French toast & cheesy eggs…uh, yum.

uh, YUM.

and YUM some more. say it with me....YUUUUUMMMMM.

So these two days ultimately resulted in me crashing on Sunday.

Which is why I needed the day to be as slowwwwww as molasseesssssss.

Though slow for this girl usually means….medium-fast. Let me explain.

On Sunday morning, I woke up early for a yoga photo shoot (on cobblestone; say what!?), skipped church because I just needed a minute to sit down and maybe close my eyes, went to a tea party with my sorority sisters, then went to the symphony, a yoga class, and dinner with a friend where we proceeded to talk about Haiti for two hours.

Yea…real slow.

This is why my bed is oftentimes my very best friend.

Anyways, here’s more {random/springtime} Instagrams from the weekend. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a little obsessed with that app.

Me with a few of the sisters at the tea party. I am so lucky & blessed to have them in my life...they have provided me with tons of love & support and have really believed in who I am and who I'm becoming. Just hope one day I'll be able to give back to them tenfold!


Ranunculus. My new favorite flower.


So there you have it. A weekend in the life. A lotta bit crazy, and a lotta bit fun. I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to live the life that I do, with the people that I have in it. Crazy blessed!

Tonight is a dinner with the girls & craft night. Which means I REALLY have to go tackle the to do list.

Okay. Until tomorrow!


Naro Nights.

Yesterday was another dreary one. It’s been hard to get my energy up this whole entire week for some reason, so yesterday seemed extra sluggish. I went about my duties, though, waking up early to teach a class, running errands in between, and nannying. After teaching another yoga class, I felt a little more energized, and hopped into the car to make my way over to the Naro.

The Naro is not your typical concert venue. Well, it’s not really a concert venue at all. It’s a movie theatre. Where they show mostly independent films and sweet documentaries.

But last night, it turned into a concert venue.

Bear with me here as I go on a tangent, okay? Last night was absolutely magnificent. The concert was a release show for an album that a church known as Big House is releasing called ‘Big House Hallelujah’. It features extraordinary worship music with beautiful vocals and backup sounds. My ears were singing and my heart was bursting with joy. There is something about this kind of environment that can really lift your spirit and totally fill you up. I felt nourished in the Word and energized as I watched my friends jump up and down on the stage, getting the crowd to clap, dance, and sing along.

It was just what I needed.

Coming from a Lutheran background, I am very used to a traditional service that consists of hymns, readings, a sermon, and communion. You don’t see a lot of contemporary in the mix, unless you’re in the youth group. I appreciate it a LOT (it gives me what I need and I have a whole family within my Church), and I love my faith and what it’s built upon, but I always love wandering.

Going to the concert last night reminded me of times in high school when our pastor would invite us to reach out and try something different. I remember when he visited after he moved. He was a guest speaker at a huge youth event (might have been YouthQuake?) out at the beach, and the experience was just like last night. It sends chills up your spine. It brings you to tears.

If I wouldn’t have been late last night, I would have been crying the whole time. Pretty guaranteed.

It’s powerful stuff.

Power. Grace. Love.

amazing sounds at the naro | pic: lenee thornton

Anyways, after the show it was time to scoot on to bed.

I woke  up this morning hoping that it would be sunnier so that today wouldnt be so slug-like (and lo and behold, it is sunny, friends!). A text popped up from the other Elisa asking for a breakfast date, so I quickly ran to my closet, pulled out 5 different pieces of clothing, threw them on, and walked right down the street to gab and grub.

finding a lot of fun in throwing outfits together these days.

finding a lot of fun in throwing outfits together these days.

Elisa (the other one…confusing, right!? Right. I know. Trust me, I know) grabbed the last donut of the morning at Donut Dinette (they’re famous for their donuts…duh!) and the feast began. We talked about life. Hopes, dreams, the power of the Spirit last night.

donut smiles!

And then, I ate a pancake that was bigger than my FACE.


Actually, I only got through about a third of it and then I had to get a box.

Now it’s time to prepare myself for the rest of the day. I’d really like to do a handstand, but all I feel right now is pancake.

Tomorrow’s blog: Why my friend stinks. No, really. You’ll see why tomorrow.

The power of the almighty dollar…and other thoughts.

Wellp, mid-week blues were kicked to the curb pretty quickly this morning. After a slow start, it was time to venture out to the Oceanfront to meet some long lost friends.

The day greeted me with nice, warm weather. A cool spring breeze queued the rolling down of windows and the opening of the sunroof.

And I was off.

Thirty minutes later, I found myself at Bad Ass Coffee (great name, right!?) catching up with an Off the Mat friend over an Iced Single Latte with nonfat milk, gabbing about Haiti and all its wonderful glory. Funny enough, she will be traveling to Haiti on Monday to work with an orphanage east of Port-au-Prince!

After good conversation, I drove a few miles down the road, parked my car on the side of the street (lucky for me, it’s not tourist season quite yet so this wasn’t as difficult as it will be in about three weeks), and walked onto the beach.

Where I found another long lost friend. Laying out in the sun. By himself. With no one around him for miles.

This is what the beach is like on the off season, people. It’s insane.

So I willingly joined him, and we caught up for a few hours. Since he lives about an hour and a half away, we don’t get to talk too, too often.

The peace that the beach brings is unreal to me sometimes. The sounds of the waves crashing, the feel of the sand beneath your feet, the warmth of the sun shining down so brightly…it’s all very therapeutic. I’m lucky to live so close.

After sitting for a while, I decided to brave the water. Babooshka scarf and all. Well, actually, my toes braved the water. I’mpretty sure it was about 20 degrees; I was starting to make bets on how long it would take until my toes turned blue.

I wasn’t gutsy enough to go any further than my ankles, which is where the $1 comes in. The glorious and powerful one dollar bill, people. Because after I dipped my toes in the water, I glanced over at Eric and double dog dared him for a dollar to take a dip into the ocean (though he’d already gone in once before I got there, it was still a pretty big dare considering how cold the water was).

And my friends….he did. Shivers and all.

^Eric turned beach babooshka after taking a dip in 20 degree water.

Then he tried to attack me. And then we retreated back to our island on the sand.

The rest of the day consisted of sushi with yoga teachers, work, and a celebration of a great friends birthday (Happiest of birthdays to you, Vicki!!!!!! So blessed to have you as a friend and I hope your day–and week–is extra special).

On tomorrow’s blog: A little glimpse into why one of my friends didn’t shower for an entire week. Stiiiinky. For a good reason.

For now, good night, my sweet friends!

Satsang and Fellowship.

^Typical Monday night.

I skipped a day of blogging, mostly because I came home last night and was totally wired for no good reason (just ask my roommate…she could not stop laughing at me!). I basically kept getting distracted by something shiny or a Disney song that we were jamming out to on Spotify.


These past eight months or so, I have always looked forward to Monday nights. Partially because of the amazing vegetarian/vegan food that covers the table, and partially because it serves as quality time for me and my yoga sisters to come together in Satsang and talk about the one major thing that we have in common: the heavy dedication to our yoga practice, both spiritually and physically.

“Joining with others to reach for God is an emotional experience. It taps into one’s heart, and the critical mind takes a backseat for a while. Satsang is different from ordinary social gatherings. Many of the rules of social engagement are suspended when the guest of honor is God. Small talk has no place at a satsang-only elevating speech and singing is hear here. God accepts all who are sincere.” –Jivamukti Yoga by David Life & Sharon Gannon

These ladies and I have experienced a lot together, whether it was individual experiences that we shared with the group, or actual ‘field trips’ that we got to soak in together. From visits with renowned teachers to trips all the way to New York City, we filled our spiritual selves and now overflow with wisdom and joy.

Last night was one of the last nights of our Satsang. Our training ends mid-May, so my Monday nights will free up. I’m not sure what to do about this. Might feel a little lost at first, might continue filling myself with spiritual words by reading the pile of yoga books sitting on my bookshelf in our nook. We’ll see. One thing I know for certain, though, is that I am going to miss seeing these ladies on a weekly basis with their smiling faces and willingness to dive deep into the heart of life.

^The group with Manorama

We have bonded significantly over the past eight months. A lot of us (including myself) have broken out of our shells and challenged ourselves to step out of our comfort zones to experience all that we could in this thing called life. We are strong and vibrant together. Our teacher, Lisa, has held our hands tight as we have become more aware of the world around us.

^Tyler with her sparkler. And a cookie.

Last night, we literally went out with a bang. After sitting down to discuss for about an hour and a half, we pulled out the sparklers and ran out onto the deck.

How can sparklers not make you joyful!? Thinking that’s why I was on such a high when I got home. Good times with great friends and great food…there’s just nothing like it.

So, after I came home all wound up, I forced myself to go to bed. Then it was time for Sunrise Yoga this morning, where Beth joined me in welcoming the day!

^Beth in a Warrior I variation.

I’ve seen a pattern in my Mondays & Tuesdays these past few months. On Monday nights, I go to Satsang with my gals, Tuesday mornings I teach, and then afterwards I grab a cup of coffee with my pastor.

                  ^Ninja Turtle: Coffee+chocolate+butterpecan. What a way to kickstart the day
(Get it? Too corny? Okay…I’ll try again later)

Its our Tuesday routine, right after my yoga class and before her staff meeting at Church. We meet at a locally owned coffee shop hangout known as Fairgrounds and talk about everything, from global concerns to Snickers brownies. It’s a really nice way to start the day, and it’s even more special that it can be with someone who really understands the spiritual side of things and enjoys reflecting on life that way.

And so there you have it. My spiritual cup, totally overflowing. Happy Tuesday, everyone, hope its just as bright and sunshiny as you’d like it to be (though there is a slight chill in the air…for a minute, I thought Spring had shown up. Oh well!). I think today will be cake baking day. I think some crafting will happen tonight, too. Good stuff, good stuff.

Until tomorrow….

The Rainy Day That Trumped All Rainy Days.

Dear friends and family,

I am writing to you from the safety of the fort in the sunroom (our second fort creation of the day, oh by the way). I am sure to be interrupted in T-5 seconds…wait for it….

^Breakfast. Hello, Sunday morning. 

Today was very lazy. And rainy. After such a spectacular day yesterday of beautiful skies and bright sunshine, it was crazy to think that today could be so rainy.
But that’s just how Virginia weather works.
So after a fully loaded breakfast consisting of chocolate chip pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, and perfectly ripe strawberries, it was unanimously decided by me and the kids that I’m nannying that today would be pajama/arts&crafts/fort building/face painting day.
And so it was.

One of the perks of being a nanny? You can get away with this behavior 24/7 without being called ‘childish’. Score one more for this girl.

The fort building began immediately after breakfast…around the kitchen counter. Bar stools and kitchen chairs were turned into barriers, as we carefully placed a blanket over them to form a roof. Then all went quiet as the two adventurers made their way into the fort and found their nooks.

^Fort/Secret Hideout #1

Shortly afterwards, it was time for piano practice. I’m not sure I’ve expressed my love of the sound of a piano to anyone recently, so I’ll confess it here. It’s one of my most favorite noises, and may have to do with the fact that I took lessons from the time I was three until I was eleven. There is just something about the sound of a piano! Not a keyboard, no no. A piano.

And then, I turned to Pinterest. For rainy day activities, of course. And (of course) there were 34734487 to choose from. The kids had a Rock Painting Kit, so that was our first order of business, followed by splatter painting that involved straws. Other masterpieces were also created at this time. Art time was serious.
^Let the wild rumpus begin!

^Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Misses Polka Dotted Rock Monster Lady.

^Splatter painting.

The rest of the day consisted of building marble towers, building a second fort, reading crazy books like ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ and the Earth Day appropriate book, ‘The Giving Tree‘ (which is such a good reminder of how much Nature gives to us!), and just relaxing. It was a nice little rainy day. Really nice.

^Second fort of the day. Approved!

^Fort Reads.

Until tomorrow, over and out. (Now from the kitchen counter, as I ref the boys as they complete a giant 30 piece puzzle.)

The Solitude Dilemma.

I have a confession to make.

I’m really bad at sitting. You know, just sitting. That scarce amount of time during the day where you just sit there with nothing to do.

I never have nothing to do. I always have to have my hands in something. Maybe that’s the problem?

Whenever I just sit, I get all antsy and panicked inside. Like this afternoon, while the kids are at the Botanical Gardens with a neighbor, I’m anxiously looking at my to do list, pacing around the house, checking my phone.

Then I give up, crawl in bed, and fall asleep.

What is the deal, Elisa?

Quiet time is pretty close to the whole meditation deal (which I’m still practicing, oh by the way), but why is it so difficult to sit with thoughts? Is it because those thoughts sift themselves out and then divide into good and bad? That might be it. Oh, Jiminy Cricket. You are somethin else. 

I think that’s why the whole yoga business appeals to me so much. You get your body moving, focus in on the breath, and begin a physical meditation that links the  mind and the body. When I’m not in my practice, I have to find other resources to calm the mind.

Oh yea, that’s the breath.

Maybe I should just sit here and breathe for a minute. Start up some meditation and peaceful reflection before I try and just sit or even conquer this to do list (which is part of my personality type…one of the many lovely and compulsive qualities of an ENFJ).

I think I’m repeating myself. It’s so quiet in here! Okay, I’m gonna go breathe…

and sit.

(Ten seconds after I wrote this the doorbell rang. Funny how THAT works)

Lsang Taon

^Sunset at the beach.

It hit me this morning like a ton of bricks.

‘Woah,’ I said to myself, ‘’s been more than a year since that trip to the Philippines.’

I remember when my dad asked me to go with him. My dad tries to take a trip back to his home every four years or so. This time, it was not just for a visit, but for my cousins wedding. I was hesitant at first. Three weeks…that’s a long time.

But that’s my family.

So, I endured a long flight (can’t even remember how long it was…16 hours, maybe?), the adventures in Japanese bathrooms (they have really cool soda machines, too), and the crazy Manila airport to spend the most precious time with my family, most of whom I was meeting for the first time. Most importantly, my grandparents on my dads side. Good grief, I’ve never been hugged so much in my life! 🙂

^At the beach with some of the family!!! 

Each day was one big party, full of laughter and TONS of food. They made fun of me because I’m Americanized and think it’s okay to eat rice and pancit together (oops…I didn’t mind being laughed at! hahaha). It was mango season, so we ate mangoes every single day. We spent almost every waking moment together. Filipino homes are packed, so I was meeting someone new every few hours. The sense of community is strong in the Philippines, just as it was in Haiti. I wish everyone in the states could learn from these wonderful people…

^From left to right: Lola, me, Gavin, Muriel, and Lola. This was one of the last nights in the Philippines.

One of the most special moments I had was with my Lolo, when we were dropping him and my Lola off at the house. It was our last night in the Philippines, and my eyes were full of tears as I had to start saying goodbye’s to my aunts, uncles, and cousins, not knowing when I would see them again. My Lolo held my hand tight and said ‘you come back, you come back’ in his broken English. It took all that I had inside of me not to cry until he stepped out of the car and my Lola and uncle helped him back into the house.

My Lolo passed away just a few months ago. I will never forget that special trip, the way he would just sit there and smile at me. My Lolo and Lola waited 22 years to meet me. I wish it hadn’t taken so long, but I feel so grateful that I had time with him.

^Gavin. My second cousin and the happiest kid in the world! 

I love my family, and I can feel that their love for me is unconditional, too. Though they are thousands of miles away (I’m lucky that some are in Chicago, too, so I can pay a visit soon), they are close to my heart always.

The trip to the Philippines was the big trip that shifted my views on the world, as it was my first trip out of the country. As I experienced this extremely different culture, my eyes were opened. It was especially neat to be there during Easter. Since the primary religion in the Philippines is Catholicism, the Easter celebration lasts for weeks, as they parade down the streets to honor not just Jesus, but the saints who acted as Jesus did.

The Philippines is a special place for many different reasons. But more importantly because it’s a part of who I am.

Dreams > Reality

^I start tearing up whenever I look at this picture. Me and little Stephen. You’ll get to hear his story very soon. Missing that snugglebug…

I must confess. I never thought I could fall so in love with a country.

Another confession: I will never, ever doubt myself or my dreams again (good confession, yah?).

This last trip to Haiti? Well, it was a dream come true and more. The people with me on this trip were so full of passion and light. We all were there for a purpose. Our week was full of experience.

After coming back home (reluctantly and with tears in my eyes), it took me a while to process everything. I’d say I was still floating until this past Sunday. It’s hard to wrap your head around something so unknown. But it’s fun to realize how many ‘moments’ occurred on that trip. Ya know, the two minutes that will change your life forever? I am pretty darn sure that the Haitian people taught me more than I would ever be able to teach them. I fell so in love with their joy and spirit…I left my heart with them.

I am proud to now call myself part of the Haiti club. You see, I have found that I have a trillion neighbors and friends who have been to Haiti themselves. When they were raving about it before I left, they got me even more curious. Now we just ramble on all of the time when we get together and talk about dance circles and all of the hope that is within that country. Can’t say I mind!

^Me with a few of the girls at Faith and Love Orphanage. How can you not smile when you look at little Angela’s awesome grin!?

Haitian smiles are the most contagious things I have ever seen! When I stepped on the plane to come back home, I couldn’t help but notice just how full my heart was. It’s a beautiful thing when that happens.

I am anxious for October. I just want it to be here tomorrow! No but really, can we skip summer?

I miss it. 

Bits & Pieces.

Favorite spots. Favorite things. Mostly thrifted or DIY. Decorating and little touches are both such joys in having your own place. We are still working on putting everything together, but it’s slowly getting there. The closer it gets, the cozier it becomes…and I love that. We don’t worry where we find empty spaces, because we know that soon enough a friend will be ringing the doorbell and that space will be filled.

Our mantle (Photo|Ari Zadai). Showcased here: vinyl tree sticker, inspirational books, my ‘Speak No Evil’ souvenir owl from NYC, DIY ‘Home Sweet Home’ Bunting, Papier Mache Haitian art….Don’t think we can fit any more love up there!

My favorite chair, that is placed right in our Nook across from a bookshelf filled with reads on yoga and more. This pink and green babe was found at a thrift store by Vicki. After a morning of us thrifting, I departed and Vicki continued. Then she found the treasure and was gracious enough to pick it up for our home!

Next DIY Project: Turning this bad boy (which I found sitting by the trash at a local pizza place) into a treasure, aka bookshelf. Will post before and after pics!

This is above my bed. Those empty frames were thrifted. Owl is from Urban, dreamcatcher is from a little store in Va Beach, and that inspirational piece to the right is an absolute original given to me at Christmas by two of my best friends, Katelyn & Drew!

Above my bedroom door are paint chips. But not your plain ol’, boring paint chips! No way. These were crafted. One of my favorite things to do these days is go into hardware stores (or even Wal-Mart) and pretend to pick out paint colors. Because then it turns into something like this. Plan on crafting with paint chips a lot more when my craft bin transfers from my parents house to here. It’s amazing how much you can do with those things!

That’s all for this morning. A little love from my home to yours. Now it’s time to get ready for another busy day, which includes smiling faces from sweet babies and a lunch date with a friend in town from Richmond.

Tomorrow on the blog: Spotlightin’ on Haiti. Because I miss it.

Happy Wednesday, world 🙂


There is a special little place in Norfolk known as Freemason, where the streets are filled with cobblestone and the houses remind you of something in a fairy tale.

Along one special street is a sidewalk full of a few of my favorite things. A little local market that sells to-go food from a local restaurant along with fresh, locally baked bread, fruit, and honey. Beside the market is a coffee shop that caters to your every need (currently noshing on a yummy Greek breakfast sandwich, composed of tomato, feta, egg, and spinach carefully piled on whole wheat bread and complete with a Crazlenut latte), and two doors down is one of my safe havens, Satya Yoga.

Yoga has a special place in my heart. 5+ years ago I found myself hopping on a yoga mat after experiencing some gnarly knee problems. We’re talking kneecap slippage on the treadmill here, people. Just as terrifying as it sounds.

I wanted (and needed) to restore that poor knee, so I took yoga as a PE class and was instantly hooked. The challenge it brought about within myself was something I had been unknowingly looking for. I continued yoga for the rest of my college career (highly recommended to any of you reading this who are in college…I honestly don’t know how I could have made it through finals week without my yoga classes). Soon after, my yoga teacher (turned second mother) opened her own studio, Studio Bamboo. She generously offered me a job, which gave me incentive to continue my practice, and eventually I found myself in a 200 hour teacher training class, sitting beside amazing people who’s stories and love would change my life.

The 200 hour training broke me open and made me flourish as a person. You don’t realize it, but teaching yoga requires a LOT of self-work all. the. time.

After 200 hour was over, I started teaching a few classes a week, finding my anxiety meeting me again when I stood in front of a classroom. But with time, my confidence grew. And then I found myself back in the books going through my 500 hour training!

In the middle of my 500 hour training this beautiful studio known as Satya Yoga opened and I found myself in another safe haven. My yoga mat is my little island, a little place to retreat when I’ve had a stressful day or when I just need some stuff I need to release. It’s a place where everything can fall away, and I know there is no judgement for my thoughts (which drift completely as I begin to flow through a practice).

Since Satya has opened, I’ve picked up a few more classes. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I help students greet the day with a Sunrise Flow class. This morning after class, I stayed a few more minutes, cranked up some loud, upbeat music, threw out my mat, and hopped into handstand. No more than ten minutes later, I was joined by Logan (the owner of the studio), and we flowed through a few sun salutes together.

^Urdhva Dhanurasana in the AM.

Yoga is my drug of choice. It fills me with purpose. My mat gives me a safe place to think and ponder on the big questions of life. And it’s a really good way to start the day. Juuuuust sayin.

I’m blessed to live in a community where yoga is so vibrant and so wanted. Between that and Off the Mat, my life is full of opportunity for strength and growth. Bliss, bliss, blissssssssss.

^This is Ganesh. He’s the remover of obstacles. But he also places them on your path. Tricky guy!!!