Kairos: A Constant Learning Process


I tried my best to fill the entire weekend with friends, just to get my mind off of reality. That’s how it’s supposed to be anyways, right?

Not usually for this girl. I’m constantly working on something. A busy bee, if you will.

But this weekend, I was just done with it all.

I’ve been feeling the stress piling up these past few weeks. While my roommate is trying to chase her dreams, I am stuck trying to find someone who is ready and willing to call The Nook home. And it just hasn’t seemed to fall into place, as much as I’ve tried.

Which has led me to this. This point where I totally throw in the flag. I picture myself in an empty room, with a white flag, throwing it harshly against the floor.

Try not to be upset, Elisa.

This is obviously not going to happen as you’d like it to.


Back when I was in high school, I attended an event with my youth group called ‘Kairos’. It’s funny because the concept of ‘Kairos’ keeps showing up in my life. The word means ‘God’s time’.

God’s time. This is all on God’s time, not mine, and however it’s going to work out is not going to be determined by me but by Him.

Sometimes, that’s hard to grasp. We can make plans for our lives, but things are bound to change in an instant. Things can fall apart quickly. But usually, something else falls together when we’re not even looking.

I’m hoping that this all works out for the best. I will be extremely super sad if The Nook is no longer. It has been such an amazing place for my friends to gather and I will miss that so much…this is one of the hardest parts of leaving this place. My heart hurts as I write about this and pray about this and think and sleep on it. But I guess it’s just time to let it all go…..


The Beauty Of Dabbling In Your Passions

These past few weeks have been such a whirlwind; a slue of friends have been passing me by so fast with their guitars and moving boxes. I’ve been finding myself so overwhelmed…it’s been a while since I’ve been able to catch my breath. Some pretty incredible things have been happening and there’s a lot going on in my mind and my heart.

So with this blog post, I’m just not really sure where to start. There has literally been so much. I guess I’ll start with last weekend.

House shows have been happening a lot here, and it just so ended up that there were two back to back weekends of lovely music filling my house this month. The first one was through Love Greatly, a group that I am so privileged to be a part of. Each month, they host a Singer/Songwriter night where local musicians come out and record a few songs. The songs are then put on bandcamp, and people can download them for absolutely free or make a donation to a certain charity.

I felt so honored when Andrew (the guy behind the amazing stuff) asked me to pick a charity for this session.

Whoooo wants to guess what I picked…

…Something that has to do with Haiti? WHAT? Get. Out.

I started thinking and immediately thought of Djounie. I connected with Djounie during my trip to Haiti back in March. She is 11 and attends the Art Creation Foundation for Children, a place where underprivelaged children can come during the day for art classes, English classes, food, and more. The ACFFC not only provides all of this, but also builds houses for these kids and their families.

Djounie is the next on the list.

I immediately contacted the ACFFC; they were thrilled about the idea so all of the funds from this Love Greatly Album will go towards Djounie’s house. Ideally, they need $1700 to make this happen. This is where it’s going to start….

Please check this album out. You will fall in love with these voices (I am amazed every day at the talent around here).

So that was wonderful. Then the week passed by and all of a sudden the weekend was here once again! Louis came in town. He danced around our house.

and Instagrammed cookies.

Then one day I had breakfast in bed. Just because I could.

And then met a best friend for lunch in Freemason.

All things glorious. And then all of a sudden, it was time for house show #2. The $2 House Show for Haiti.


The beauty within this one was unbelievable. At one point, there were 29 people sitting in my hot little apartment (we even went to the point to make people paper fans…rooms and I were trying to save some money on the electric bill..don’t worry, we nixed that plan the next day) harmonizing and swaying. I love it when this happens. You can feel the goodness.

Video | Louis Fisher

Kelsie & Jake played a new song that I fell in love with.

Go figure.

We raised $70 for my return trip to Haiti in October, and started to fill my wall with inspiration (I decided that I’m going to leave this up for the duration of my lease to see if we can fill the whole thing).

And then all of a sudden, it was Sunday.

My poor body was so exhausted.

Which meant it was time for juice & the beach.

Spent the day frolicking with Vicki around Virginia Beach. Our first stop was Fruitive, a new little juice bar just minutes from the sand.

Big plus: know about 80% of the staff. It’s like a coffee shop…but better. And it makes the experience just that much more fun.

And their Sweetgrass juice? The bomb diggity, if I do say so myself.

Juice Juice Juiiiceeeee…

Sand Sand Saaandy Toessss…

And then came Memorial Day. I spent the morning with my fam; we made a pit stop at Waffletown USA (they had pretty good french toast, too). It was Yum-O.

And theeeeen just yesterday, I took a spontaneous roadtrip to Richmond. Ever had one of those? Highly recommend them. We were in the car, close to the exit to go home. I almost got off the ramp but then changed lanes and we went for the tunnel. No traffic, good music, a breath of fresh air. It was just what I needed.

I’ve been longing for a roadtrip to Richmond for months, so this was totally okay with me. Ariel and I went to breakfast at Elwood Thompsons and then strolled through Carytown before hopping in the car and driving back home.

It’s trips like these that will get you thinking, though. Like, what if I DID take that job that they offered me two years ago in Richmond? Where would I be now? How would things be different? It’s kind of neat to look back and see the paths you could have taken, and the ones that you did take.

I’m lucky to have friends who appreciate art, culture, and spontaneity. I am lucky to be a 23 year old who is free to roam the world and live her dreams. I am lucky that I am able to dabble in my passions, with the hopes of eventually settling down and working my dream job.

These past few weeks have been inspiring, to say the least. With people around me doing instead of just saying, it’s given me a lot to think about. Where I want to be…WHO I want to be.

My heart is swirling twirling. I found a lump in my throat this morning as I thought about my teacher moving to Hawaii, my friend moving to Tennessee in a month, and my roommate moving to LA in about a month and a half. All pursuing dreams. All living extremely different lives with amazing intentions.

Life is glorious. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming with the changes that take place within hours, minutes, and seconds, but life is so dang glorious.

Thank You, God, for letting me live a life like this. For giving me opportunities that I never, ever could have imagined…..