thoughts on embracing.

I sit here in my birthday fort, alone with a big glass of moscato and a chocolate chip cookie (with a hint of sea salt!). My belly is full from good food and my heart is full from being with really good friends.

Sometimes, I get so caught up in these moments that I get so sad when they are over. When the night is said and done, when everyone exits the building, I sit here by myself in serious contemplation about thousands of things that have to do with this one thing called life.

But then I stop. I take a deep breath, sigh it out, and start washing the dishes. Everything has to come to an end right? (I know, seems like I’m making a big deal out of small potatoes, but bear with me here)…

Sometimes I am so caught up in expectations, so caught up with what people think of me, so caught up in making sure that everything is perfect and everyone is happy that I forget to just be. I forget to just sit and embrace the moment.

Friends are special beings. More like angels who step into your life for various reasons. They teach you how to really live in the moment and be thankful for everything that you have, and they remind you that you are beautiful even on the days when you feel ugly. I cannot tell you how many lessons my friends have taught me; how messing up as a friend has taught me even more, and how I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love, adore, and cherish my best friends for always being there for me during THE most important moments of my life and embracing them with me. It’s a special bond that I hold close to my heart.

My birthday fort was such a group effort and was full of some many smiles and so much warmth afterwards. It was a time to laugh, joke, and just be ourselves. It was another moment that I embraced while it was there.

I must remember to embrace EVERYTHING. To embrace my family, my friends, my enemies, and those who are lost and need the embrace the most. I must remember to embrace the moment, for it is only lived once. I must remember to embrace the importance of love, peace, and understanding. I must embrace the fact that the tough times are also a beautiful time to learn more about who you are and what you were meant for.

Always embrace.