thoughts on dreams: taking my yoga off the mat.

there is nothing quite like living your passion. this past year has been packed with full on experiences that led me to taking my yoga way off my mat. these days, i find my yoga trickling into my every day life, carrying me on this incredible journey of self-discovery. but there is no way that i would be where i am without the people in my life…those human angels who have held my hand along the journey.

tonight, i was handed an envelope that had in it almost the exact amount needed for my haiti trip in october. unbeknownst to me, one of my yoga buddies had taught a yoga class on the beach that raised a significant amount of money just for this trip. this was followed by my yoga teacher handing me a check that basically put me at my goal.

tears filling my eyes? you best believe it. there are no words for the feelings inside of me, no way i’ll ever be able to describe just how thankful i am for continuous love and support in the pursuit of my dreams.

sometimes, this journey can be really hard. there have been moments filled with so much doubt, stress, and anxiety. but to know that there areĀ  people out there who really believe?

i can’t tell you how excited i am about the october trip. i am excited to hug the people that i met back in march, smile at the beautiful haitians who are so warm and welcoming, and live fully on purpose.

taking your yoga off your mat is a transformational experience. just as in the physical practice of yoga, you become a more aware being, and you give each thought and action much more meaning. everything becomes a bit more significant. you surrender to your self, to God, and to everything that’s holding you back from the person you have been made to become.

taking my yoga off of my mat with this community has been such an amazing thing to be a part of and witness. i am continually amazed. my heart is incredibly full tonight.



funny how God throws challenges my way sometimes which spiral into these crazy lessons.

i’ve always had a hard time knowing my worth. this is not me trying to throw a pity party for myself, but rather just to speak authentically and say it. i am insecure about my appearances, the way i phrase things, everything. i’m self conscious.

this past year has challenged me to step away from that, to step out of my comfort zone and come into this beautifully made woman of God who knows her purpose and sings and dances with it each and every day. im blessed to know my purpose at the age of 24. now it’s just knowing my worth.

but there are always those little bumps. those times when you look up to the sky in complete doubt, wondering WHY the heck things never go your way.

thats when i remind myself i am not in control. that a path has been made for me, and that all things will work out, because they always do.

there is a phrase that i say at the end of each and every yoga class that i teach. it goes like this:

“be thankful for all that you are, for all that you do, and for all that you have, knowing that it is always enough.”

two people have mentioned to me that this has stuck with them. when they are feeling down, they think of this phrase and it throws everything back into perspective. so i sit here tonight, looking at that phrase that my very first yoga teacher taught me (who still remains near & dear!), and i remembering the following:

i am WORTHY of love.
i am beautiful.
i am significant.
i am strong.
i am authentic.
i am raw and real.
i am bold.
i am someone.
i am flawed.
i am imperfect.
i am who God created me to be.

i am worthy.


let it shine.

the warmth of summer, the cultivation of dreams.

well friends, its here. this weekend officially marks the end of summer.

and i’ve only been to the beach once. maybe twice if you count san diego.

THAT’S pathetic.

guess i have an excuse for my lame-o tan…that being i’ve been traveling on trains, planes, and automobiles almost like it’s my job. this has been one of the craziest, most life changing summers i’ve had thus far. from roanoke to new orleans to san diego to massachusetts, ive met people i’ll never forget. some i may never see again, but they have taught me lessons i won’t ever be able to thank them enough for! i have had the awesome opportunity to reconnect with old friends, and to reach out and hug new ones.

life is kind of sort of blowing my mind.

amongst the traveling chaos (and the consequential mess that i call my room), i’m taking the time to crawl back into the elisa snail shell for just a few moments, not only to get some quiet, but also to count my blessings. they are various after these trips. my horizons have been expanded and my heart and mind have been reinspired to keep making the change.

but i have also grown to have a new appreciation for my home. for my cozy little apartment, my wonderful and supportive roommates, my overflowing bookshelves just seeping with information, my neighbors, my friends, my community. though i love traveling, i had this weird yearning this last time of wanting to be home. can i say that i am incredibly lucky to live in such an inspiring place, where passions are heard, dreams are not thought to be impossible realities, and community is literally fought for. i’m lucky to be friends with people who have panned out their dreams on paper, only to find them real in less than six months. the inspiration that i got on my trips was almost like a little power boost, reminding me that yes, there are people out there with the same exact passion and heart as i, but there are also those kinds of people right here, standing in front of me.

it’s been a special summer, one that i’ll never forget.

at roanoke, i was able to lead youth who are seeking out their faith in God and in one another.

kairos small group. i almost look like one of them! haha!

in new orleans, i played the role of servant companion to youth groups from all over the US as we went out to serve those in the city, running reading programs and learning about how crucial the wetlands are to our survival.

servant companion buddies after a night of soaking up the new orleans rain storm. we danced and splashed; it was fun.

in san diego, i was reinspired to step into my role as a leader in my community, as i met people who were so ready for peace that they want to instill incredible values in our world’s children so that this will happen.

in massachusetts, i had the opportunity to assist one of my dear yoga teachers and learn a TON in just two days!

i also got to see my sweet yoga teacher who moved to hawaii. talked yoga with michael franti. i danced in the rain and splashed in the biggest puddles i’ve ever seen.

so there was a lot. and here i sit, almost a month after my last trip, trying to soak it all in and take as much with me as possible. how can i take this with me? how can i continue to be the change? how can i take care of my own problems, insecurities, and weaknesses in order to be strong enough to make the world a better place?

it’s a lot to reflect on. lots to soak in before my big trip to haiti in mid-october!!! updates on that next!