thoughts on movement.


well, heres something. i secretly despise change (not so secretly anymore). i sit here in my almost empty bedroom of a very bare apartment reminiscing on all of the occurrences that have taken place over the seven months, thinking about how much i will miss the wonder of this space, the view of the city that we had from the kitchen. i am good at attaching myself to places, and missing them for a while afterwards. these spaces that i call my home stay close to my heart. the memories that are created within are ones that i will tuck away in my pocket for stories down the road. breakfasts with friends, fort building in the living room, talks on the balcony, the paper crane curtain. quiet moments, noisy moments, filling this place with laughter and friends and music. i will miss being in the company of my sweet roommates, who often reminded me to stand firm in my faith and let God lead the way. though we were often seeing each other in passing, the moments that we got to spend together were minutes that turned into hours, conversations full of contemplation and genuine, heartfelt kindness.


tomorrow is the big moving day. i am thankful for those people in my life who have been there for each move, seeing me into the new spaces, carrying heavy boxes and furniture up and down stairs, basking in the radiance of change. i am excited about my new room, my new window seat, my new roommate and many more adventures. i love the movement that is brought about by life itself, but boy, change is a lesson that i continue to work on each and every day. may i embrace this moment, this goodbye to this space, and the welcoming of newness.