{thoughts on plastic}


well, friends. the picture above is a picture of nothing i can have. sugar and plastic. i am rocking a whole new lifestyle.
my days are usually full of grabbing food to go. popping something out of a plastic bag that is stored in a box onto the stove to warm it as fast as i can before i have to move onto my next task. now….now i have to take a little more time.

and its good for me and so good for my body. just a few days ago i took on the ‘no plastic challenge’, presented by my Off the Mat buddy Maura Manzo (she is rad!). that’s right. no plastic for a month. nothing wrapped in plastic, no straws, all that jazz (luckily my roommate bought a good ton of toilet paper so thats not something i have to worry about…ha!!!!!).

day 1 brought its challenges. as soon as i sat down to breakfast with a friend at Doc Taylors, the waitress brought us waters with…get ready for it…a plastic straw! didnt even have time to catch that one! i then met my friend at whole foods…we gabbed over coffee (when i asked for no lid they were pretty understanding!) and then strolled through the market. that’s when i realized just how much is packaged in plastic. from flowers to shampoo bottles to fruit to cereal and bread! even the bags that whole foods has to put their bread in has plastic on it. it is amazing to think how much plastic we go through per day…and how harmful it is to our environment. this is definitely concious activism, and i really encourage anyone and everyone to try this just to get a peek at how much we consume and throw out. according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency),

  • 31 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2010, representing 12.4 percent of total MSW.
  • In 2010, the United States generated almost 14 million tons of plastics as containers and packaging, almost 11 million tons as durable goods, such as appliances, and almost 7 million tons as nondurable goods, for example plates and cups.
  • Only 8 percent of the total plastic waste generated in 2010 was recovered for recycling.
  • In 2010, the category of plastics which includes bags, sacks, and wraps was recycled at almost 12 percent.
  • Plastics also are found in automobiles, but recycling of these materials is counted separately from the MSW recycling rate.

Yowza pants!!!!

These past few days have not been quite as hard on my end. It’s easy to ask to withhold the bag at stores. That’s norm for our society now. It will be interesting to see how this challenge continues.

Gave up sugar for Lent, gave up plastic for March. In April, my lifestyle will have completely changed!