there is a saying in creole. ‘pazapa’. it means step by step. the phrase popped into my head the other night and i have been reflecting on it since.

step by step. so many times in our lives we want to take big hops, giant leaps. we want to run. it’s like when i play ‘mother may i’ with the triplets that i nanny for and they anxiously await the time i will say ‘take five monster steps forward!’

why are we so anxious to get everywhere? so willing to please whats in front of us in hopes that it will get us five leaps closer?

the rush has been a reflection for me for quite some time. at this point in my life, i’ve hit the stage where the wedding invitations start stuffing my mailbox. dress shopping and printing gift registries are both a norm. three parties one weekend, a roadtrip the next. its such an exciting time of life, but theres so much pressure there too.

growing up is crazy. what society creates in our heads just places more pressure on where we think we need to be, when really its just dependent on who we are as a person. if we get so caught up in where we’re going, on what the movies put in our heads, how do we enjoy the ride?

my best friends gave me the most amazing christmas present a few years ago. a unique, handmade print that says ‘happiness is not a destination, it is your journey there’. and what is a journey? its one step, then the next. no leaping.

as the roller coaster of life continues, i remember this. breathe. be still for a moment. soak up the wild air around you. feel the wind in your hair as you drive with all of the windows down, the sunroof open, and the music blasting. know that each circumstance is different. surrender to all that you do not understand, because there is reason for it that you will realize later on. take this life step by step, basking in the glory of what has been given to you.

but most of all, be free. and be free to who you are and what you are called by God to do. because we each have unique talents, we each have beautiful gifts to share with this world. to better it.

the picture above includes one of my favorite quotes that i also remember as i go throughout my day. as we go through this life, step by step, sometimes people come along who take us by surprise. they lift us up, support us, and love us just as we are. we never forget them. sure, there are some who come and go, but that’s not to say that each individual person is there to teach us a lesson, to get us closer to where we are going. to take those steps with us holding our hand and telling us it’s all okay. it’s all going to be okay.