{thoughts on seasons of change}

fallit never fails.

each and every october for the past three years, there have been major shifts in my life. i’m deeming it the month of change.

i have been so busy these past few weeks, so thrilled by the newness that is flying into my life, by the refreshing sounds of old friends and the opportunity to create new strong relationships that i haven’t had much time to think, let alone get a good nights rest!

and finally, a moment to sit, which means a moment to blog!

i truly believe that God puts us each on a beautiful path, whether we are aware of it at times or not. sometimes it feels like the path turns into a really narrow tunnel, and its hard to see where the end is, but then you reach the end, see the sun bursting and you dance in it. i think that’s just the way life works; the ebbs and the flows. the comings and the goings of people and jobs. nothing lasts forever. for some reason, this always happens (for me) during the summer time and then out of nowhere, something magical falls into my life. those times make you feel all the more blessed and thankful for the sweet..and sour..moments.

i cant say that this summer was easy, because it wasnt. but right when i started to turn the bend and get back up on my feet, when i was able to look at everything that was on the floor and pick up the pieces, when i was able to let go of everything that i felt bound to, everything that was holding me back, thats when the magic began.

in yoga, the lotus flower is one of the most significant symbols to many teachers and students. because a lotus flower does not start out beautiful. its roots have to grow through mud and dirt. only after that journey does the flower bloom into something gorgeous. i think its a significant symbol in teaching us that we ourselves are not flawless, that our lives are not perfect, and those around us are going through their own struggles, too.

i can attest to the statement that the struggles make us stronger. i am forever and always thankful for the friends who saw me through the mess that i was this summer, for the hardship that i endured as i tried to gain understanding for something i will never, ever be able to comprehend. i thank the new season, the refreshing souls in my life, the amount of laughter that i have had the past few weeks, the exhaustion from it all. this life is ever abundant, and i am blessed through every circumstance and opportunity.

every piece of this journey is tremendous. and by taking each step with compassion, forgiveness, and strength, we learn to be raw, real, beautiful creatures.


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