thoughts on remembering.

there comes a time when life gets wild. crazy. so much fills up on your plate that you don’t know how to balance it all. you don’t know where to guide your passion.

and unfortunately, here I am. in that place. in a new city, far enough from home to feel like its ‘away’. and somehow my schedule is already full with appointments, to-do lists, you name it. who knew life could get so crazy just as you’re settling into a new home.

but I guess that’s what happens when you are planning a wedding, looking for a job, working on a relationship, working on multiple projects, and trying to find your way around somewhere new.

but…i guess life has a tendency to do that. it ebbs and it flows. at some point, it feels like we’ve tackled everything on our to-do list and then WHAM, there’s 20,000 more things right in front of us! ive noticed that this is just the rythym, but boy does it challenge us to find balance.

in the yoga practice, usually somewhere at the beginning of an asana practice, we are cued by our teachers to ground, center, and strengthen our breath. sometimes, I wish it was easier for all of us (including myself, especially) to take the time to do that when life itself gets overwhelming. but I guess that’s part of taking our practice ‘off the mat’. the phrase relates to all of our actions, not just some. taking what we learn in practice…the grounding, the strengthening…embracing the challenge and breathing through it…its taking what we learn and REALLY putting it into practice.

its so important to remember that. but not only that we are grounded and strong, but that we are happy with wherever we are in our lives. to remember our passion, what makes us smile, what makes our hearts sing and our feet dance.

sometimes, its so easy for us to get all in a rut about life. im guilty. being a sensitive person means feeling everything. sometimes its hard to remember what really makes me happy and what I need to stay focused on. so today, I pray for you and me to focus on the brightness of life, to remember what makes us shine, so that we can put that into the world and make it a better place.

always remember.


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